One benefit many owners of modified PS3 consoles have enjoyed has been region unlocking the console’s Blu-ray and DVD playback features, adding the ability to watch out-of-region films or TV shows to the PS3! Although this could be as simple as changing a setting within an application, it turns out that might only be the case for some users depending on which console and modification you have. I made this video to help explain the differences in region codes, the limitations of NTSC vs. PAL content per console, and deliver three different methods in the hopes of getting one to work for the viewer.

This tutorial does assume you have already jailbroken your PS3 and have a basic understanding of how to use a modified console. A PS3 running full Custom Firmware (CFW) will be the BEST option for this tutorial, as there is no guarantee a console running PS3HEN will be able to play out-of-region content successfully. Method 1 (multiMAN) and Method 2 (webMAN MOD) may possibly work, but Method 3 (CFW) is the best option and will only work on CFW compatible consoles.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
1:52 – Region Code vs. NTSC/PAL
3:56 – PS3HEN Limitations
4:39 – Which Method to Choose?
6:14 – Method 1: multiMAN
12:11 – Method 2: webMAN MOD
18:24 – Method 3: Rebug REX CFW
23:56 – Toggle QA for Downgrading
25:43 – Installing Rebug REX CFW
28:00 – Changing Rebug Settings
32:28 – Resetting CFW Region Settings
33:03 – Final Thoughts


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