The Legends QuadPlay allows you to play all your favorite 4-Player Arcade games on your Legends Ultimate v1.1/1.2 cabinet! Using CoinOpsX, there are a large number of 3 and 4 player games that can now be played directly on the Legends Ultimate or other supported Legends devices. The QuadPlay guide may be found here:

The AtGames QuadPlay may be reserved/ordered from:

Add CoinOpsX games with this guide:

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Guide and Unboxing
01:56 – How to Remove the stock ALU panel
03:01 – Compare QuadPlay to Stock Panel
03:31 – Install the QuadPlay
03:56 – Update QuadPlay firmware
04:45 – View Angles
06:00 – Enable Bluetooth
06:39 – Play more games
07:45 – Starting Games
08:35 – Multiple Player Examples
09:38 – Fix a game that won’t play
13:26 – Trackball Installation
16:00 – Outro

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