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TNA Impact! (stylized as TNA iMPACT!) is a professional wrestling video game based on the professional wrestling promotion, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling).[2] The console versions of the game were developed by Midway Studios Los Angeles and published by Midway Games. Although the game sold 1.5 million units,[3] financial issues at Midway Games prevented the planned development and release of a sequel. The game would be ported to Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable handset consoles in August 2010 under the title TNA Impact!: Cross The Line, published by SouthPeak Games, who had acquired the TNA license and assets following the collapse of Midway.

TNA Impact! is geared towards a quick-paced, high-impact style of play, with less emphasis on submission maneuvers. It supports up to four players at once on a console, with online support—which includes tournaments—currently standing at one-on-one.[4][5][6] Online play is, however, limited to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.[7] Scans of the actual wrestlers were used for the game in place of hand-painted textures to include small details, such as skin texture and specific scars.[8] Finishers are accessed by building up the “Impact! meter” displayed on the screen. In the same area a color-coded damage indicator shows the condition of characters. The game also features mini-games for escaping pin attempts and submission holds.[7]

TNA’s signature match, Ultimate X, is a playable match type, alongside the more standard Singles, Tag team and Fatal Four Way matches.[4][6][9][10] Submission and Falls Count Anywhere matches are also included.[10] Eight different venues—including TNA’s main home; Florida’s Impact! Zone, and arenas set in Japan, Mexico, England, Las Vegas, and locations designed to evoke the independent circuit feel—are available to house matches, with the Impact! Zone having an increased ringside area for play and hot spots for player interaction.[6][7][8] Liverpool Olympia is also a playable arena in the game.[11]

Midway has now introduced downloadable content which enables players to expand the game, making TNA Impact! the first professional wrestling video game in history to offer this service. The first downloadable content is in the form of new wrestlers players can add to the game, these being Curry Man and Petey Williams. These can be bought for 100 Microsoft points from the Xbox Live Marketplace and as an extra gift the player can download Mike Tenay free of charge.[12] This feature is only available for Xbox 360 and started on November 6, 2008, however, the content was initially glitched and made Curry Man come out as Christopher Daniels in his entrance and Petey Williams comes out as A.J. Styles and have the model of Senshi in the ring. These glitches were later fixed.

The story mode’s main character is a wrestler named Suicide. During every iMPACT! episode after the August 14, 2008 version of iMPACT!, the words “” flashed on the screen for less than a second. On the website, it shows that Suicide is being taken from the game to real life television.[13] At the Final Resolution pay-per-view in December 2008, Suicide first appeared on TNA programming.[14] At Destination X 2009, Suicide competed in his debut match in TNA, which was an Ultimate X match, and became the new X Division Champion.