Every original Xbox console contains a hard drive with a hard drive key, with the intention of that hard drive being paired and locked to a console expecting that matching key. While a console with a custom BIOS can accept any storage medium and keys do not have to be matching, softmodded and stock consoles running a retail BIOS require a locked hard drive with a matching hard drive key. As these keys are randomized 32 character values, years ago it was determined for safety and ease of use that you could “null” a hard drive key to 32 0’s. This means anyone who is aware that a lock hard drive’s key has been nulled can unlock it easily without the console’s EEPROM backup, and hard drives can even be swapped between consoles expecting nulled hard drive keys!

Unfortunately it was discovered that nulled out consoles and hard drives with a key set to all 0’s would not work online with Insignia, the much anticipated Xbox Live 1.0 replacement service for original Xbox consoles. However a new practice with all of the benefits of before, but with an added benefit of working with Insignia was discovered: nulling a key to 32 1’s! With Insignia’s release to the public, and many people looking to resolve their all 0’s hard drive key, I made this video to assist anyone who wants to properly null out their key or resolve their previously nulled keys to get back online.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
2:09 – Prerequisites
2:48 – Softmodded Console Fix (NKPatcher)
5:39 – Hardmodded Console Fix (ConfigMagic)


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