The Official Steam Deck Dock from Valve is now available, but how does it perform? In this video, we’ll test the USB + Gigabit Ethernet within SteamOS Desktop mode as well as under Windows 11. We’ll then compare those results against the Park Sung dock ( ). Lastly, we’ll check out a more portable docking solution by Selores&S-Global ( ) that allows up to x3 external displays to be connected to the Steam Deck.

Products shown
* Official Steam Deck Docking Station [Valve’s Website]:
* Park Sung Dock [Amazon]:
* Selore&S-Global Dock [Amazon]:
* Retroflag NES Cartridge Shell/SSD [Amazon]:
* Steam Deck TPU Protective Case [Amazon]:
* MANY More Accessories:

Helpful Guides
* Official and Alternate Docks [More details]:
* Steam Deck Windows install to a microSD [Guide]:

This video is for Educational Purposes only!

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Official Steam Deck Dock
07:41 – Park Sung Dock
11:18 – Selores&S-Global Dock
13:14 – Outro

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