Covering the latest updates for the PS4 & PS5 in the Jailbreaking scene from the past week. Mast1c0re update, Beta firmware’s, RNPS Apps, PS5 Theme Tool, PS4 Android Toolset, CP Box Keys & AMD-SP plugin.

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Wololo AMD-SP Article:

Wololo CP Box Article:

McCaulay PS2 Save Editor:

PS5 Theme Tool:

PS5 RNPS Apps:

SA&Tech PS4 Toolset Android:

0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Mast1c0re Update
3:49 – Trying to run Okage on another PS4
6:38 – PS4/PS5 Beta Firmware
7:23 – PS5 RNPS Apps Archived
9:01 – Specter’s Binary Ninja Plugin
9:48 – PS5 CP Box Key Extraction
11:05 – PS5 Theme Tool
11:26 – PS4 Android Toolset
12:14 – Outro
Outro: Paul Flint – Sock It To Them –
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