This guide will step you through installing Batocera to a microSD card for use on your Steam Deck. It will also cover many facets of using Batocera to assist new users and those already familiar with the platform on the Steam Deck!

Written Guide
Written Guide to complement this video may be found here:

00:00 – Intro
01:50 – Accessory Discussion
02:25 – Batocera Install to microSD (on Steam Deck)
04:45 – Batocera Install to microSD (from Computer)
05:25 – Boot Batocera from microSD
05:53 – Buttons / Front End Music
06:34 – Freeware Games
07:10 – Connect to WiFi Network
08:24 – Update Batocera (Safely)
09:51 – BIOS & ROMs
12:05 – Check for Missing BIOS Files
12:26 – Copy ROMs (Games)
13:46 – Copy Files directly over USB
14:06 – Scraper & Aspect Ratios
16:01 – Game List View
16:24 – Download & Apply Themes
17:42 – Outro

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