We review the Retroid Pocket Flip, a new retro clamshell handheld that can emulate up to and including Gamecube games!

💰 WHERE TO BUY: https://www.goretroid.com/en-gb/products/retroid-pocket-flip?sca_ref=3519372.s84pGZxN5Y

📚 A Handheld History 88 – 95: https://www.lostincult.co.uk/ahandheldhistory?ss_source=twads&ss_campaign_name=Retrododo

✍️ Read our full written review: https://retrododo.com/retroid-pocket-flip/

00:00 Introduction
04:00 Who Is GoRetroid?
01:05 Unboxing & First Impressions
01:39 Appearance
02:18 Snapping The Screen
03:21 Buttons & Ports
06:03 Battery Life
06:40 Retroid Pocket Flip Specifications
06:54 OS & Setup
07:21 Gameplay Performance
09:31 Overall Opinion

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