There are a lot of great in the $400 or more PC handheld market, but there are not a lot of options at all for under $400. In this video, we take a look at one handheld that had the potential to dominate that segment.

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$270 and a dream – 00:00
Specs – 01:44
Benchmarks – 02:34
Screen/Ergonomics/Buttons – 03:54
Getting the most out of the iGPU – 04:29
Steam PC Gaming Tests – 06:07
Emulation Intro / PS1/PSP – 14:15
GameCube Emulation- 15:03
Wii Emulation – 16:34
PS2 Emulation – 18:15
Xbox Emulation – 20:48
Wii U Emulation – 21:50
PS3 Emulation – 23:35
Xbox 360 Emulation – 25:05
NS – 25:43
Turning the dial to 11 – 28:52

The device in this video is a media prototype and was provided to me for this video. If you decide to back this campaign, I will not make any money. The company also did not provide me with any financial incentive for this video.

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