The ASUS XG Mobile external GPU solution has been around for a couple years, but it really started to make sense to me when combined with their new ROG Ally handheld. In this video we will test the 6850 XT and RTX 3080 versions of the ASUS XG Mobile and see whether that experience is worth the hefty price tag.

XG Mobile (ASUS):
XG Mobile (Best Buy, use price matching):
XG Mobile (Amazon):

The ROG Ally was a review unit sent to me by the manufacturer. All opinions are my own, they did not see this review ahead of time, and no money was exchanged in any way. The XG Mobile was purchased on my own using funds from my generous Patrons.

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00:00 introduction
03:50 unboxing and impressions
05:12 setup
08:07 sound test
09:30 God of War
12:08 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
13:03 Elden Ring
13:41 GTA V
14:41 Horizon Zero Dawn
15:36 Marvel’s Spider-Man
16:31 The Witcher III
17:09 Destiny 2
18:01 emulation testing
19:39 disabling XG Mobile
20:48 summary (likes and dislikes)
24:08 conclusion

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