Chances are, you might have an older PC lying around the house. Or maybe you just bought a mini PC. How about we turn it into a retro gaming console? In this guide I’ll show you how to install Batocera, a Linux-based custom operating system that will give any PC a console-like experience. Additionally, let’s learn how to install Steam games to play alongside your favorite retro classics.

Written guide:

Mini PC used in this video:
8Bitdo controller:
Arcade stick:

Mini PC spreadsheet:
Batocera wiki page:
Batocera Nation channel:

00:00 introduction
02:06 pick your “console”
06:30 setup and installation
10:45 boot into Batocera
13:02 controller options
17:29 adding games and BIOS
22:31 making Batocera pretty
25:00 system and game settings
27:52 Steam games in Batocera
35:00 set up multiplayer
35:58 summary and conclusion

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