The Retroid Pocket 2+ is a seemingly simple device to set up — it runs Android, so how hard could it be? Well it turns out there are some orientation quirks in getting the RP2+ up and running, and so this guide is meant to take you from the very beginning of your journey with the device to the point of becoming a retro handheld gaming superstar.

This guide is part one of two, and will cover initial setup orientation, and getting SNES and below games working on the device. The next guide will cover standalone emulators from N64 up through PS2.

Full written guide:
My RP2+ in-depth review:

00:00 introduction
01:28 initial orientation and setup
05:36 adding emulators, apps, and Android games
09:05 adding ROM files and BIOS
15:12 setting up RetroArch
23:38 setting up the Retroid launcher
25:03 GB, GBC, and GBA
32:41 NES and SNES
35:04 summary and conclusion

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