Checking out CoinOPS Legends 4 Max. Easy to grab and setup and the next thing you know you are in retro gaming bliss. These builds incorporate massive graphical improvements in both speed and quality, thanks in large part to all of the incredible contributors on the CoinOPS Project Discord. Mame, Capcom, centipede, mortal kombat, 1984, Sega Model 2,3, Dafne, Mario Kart GP and more.

Name of build: CoinOPS Legends 4 Max – 94gb
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@00:00 Introduction / First impressions / Changes
@01:48 Console Games
@03:24 Bezel and Glass Options (In game)
@05:33 Themes (Front end)
@09:00 Arcade Games Included
@14:52 Game Play & Final thoughts