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The Steam Deck is now readily available so here is my updated guide on how to turn it into an epic emulation handheld! Everything up to the Switch is able to run on the Steam Deck but performance for the latest systems can be hit and miss. But if your goal is to have a Gen 6 and under portable, the Steam Deck isn’t going to let you down! As always do these installations with care so as to not mess up your Deck and need to factory reset it as I had to a number of times to bring you all this guide. There is no risk of damaging your Deck following this guide but I take no responsibility if you do manage to find a way.

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Steam Deck Decky Loader: https://github.com/SteamDeckHomebrew/decky-loader

Emudeck Install: https://www.emudeck.com/

Emudeck supported game files list: https://github.com/dragoonDorise/EmuDeck

Retroarch BIOS Hub: https://docs.libretro.com/library/bios/

Xbox HDD Image: https://xemu.app/docs/required-files/

PS3 System Update: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/ps3/system-software/

PS Vita System Update: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/psvita/system-software/

PS Vita Text File: http://dus01.psp2.update.playstation.net/update/psp2/image/2022_0209/sd_59dcf059d3328fb67be7e51f8aa33418/PSP2UPDAT.PUP?dest=us

Steam Deck Gyro Install: https://github.com/kmicki/SteamDeckGyroDSU

Cemuhook: https://cemuhook.sshnuke.net/

Game/BIOS Backup Guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGTaokZjTu7i7JfW2YuVZ0lkwPDtPvxwR

Big thanks to the Steam Deck Plugin team, Emudeck team, Steam Deck Gyro DSU team, Cemuhook team, and each contributor to all of these wonderful emulators we use and love!

0:00 – Purpose
0:10 – Intro
0:42 – Required Items
1:12 – Enable Developer Mode (Optional)
1:50 – Boot Into Desktop Mode
2:02 – Setup A Root Password
2:42 – Install Decky Loader (Optional)
4:42 – Emudeck Install
5:46 – Custom Setup
11:28 – Power Tools/Steam Deck Gyro Setup
12:15 – Placing Game Files For Emudeck
12:30 – Getting Files Onto Steam Deck
12:52 – Creating A Network Share In Windows
14:41 – Adding The Network Share On Steam Deck
15:44 – Placing Games Continued
16:09 – Supported Game File Types For Each System
16:31 – Game Placement Continued Again
17:06 – Note About Wii U Game Placement
17:55 – Multidisc Setup For Retroarch
19:30 – BIOS File Placement
19:46 – Retroarch BIOS File Placement
22:43 – PS2 BIOS Placement
23:09 – Xbox BIOS/HDD Placement
24:25 – Yuzu BIOS Placement
25:02 – PS3 Firmware Setup
26:27 – PS Vita Firmware Setup
29:51 – Manual Xbox BIOS Selection
30:34 – PCSX2 BIOS Selection
31:00 – PCSX2 Retro Achievement Login Process
31:28 – Placing Cemu Keys File
31:56 – Getting Breath Of The Wild To Run
34:35 – Setting Up Wii U Gyro Controls
37:25 – Verify BIOS Files For Installed Emulators
37:51 – Compress Your Games (Optional)
38:20 – Using The Steam Rom Manager To Add Games To Steam OS
42:08 – Finding Your Games In Steam
43:22 – Launching Emulation Station
43:54 – Testing Games
44:47 – Setting Default Emulation Cores
46:25 – Scrape For Game Info
47:51 – Changing Controller Templates For Emudeck
48:40 – Power Tools Demonstartion
50:48 – PS3 Demo
51:23 – Outro/Support

Video transitions made by Zachary of andyshat.com

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LDSGamers, Pikmonoh, McClaz, Zerro0713, SMWiz, Damon, Will, Russ Crandall, DJ_Femur, John, Mister Lindon, HamsterGT, Manuel Garcia, Turtleback, and Fredrick Davies.

Any footage captured from retro console hardware (not emulation) has been done so using the RetroTink 5X from Mike Chi. This amazing device provides the best-looking footage I have ever worked with up to resolutions of 1440P! If you are interested in giving your own setup an upgrade go support Mike and check out https://www.retrotink.com/

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