Unfortunately last month of ModChat was missed so… I figured I’d double up and pack two episodes worth of content into one for hitting the ONE HUNDREDTH episode milestone! Here we discuss an whole slew of PS3 news and updates related to the recently released 4.90 firmware update. Legendary PS1 game The Legend of Dragoon gets a playable PC port, and PS1 games get some more love with mouse support in DuckStation! OPL for PS2 also gets a BIG upgrade in the form of exFAT internal hard drive support. We also cover some sad news with CTurt deciding to retire, but we get a look at his mast1c0re part 2 write-up. Modern day Xbox (One and Series) homebrew takes a hit where we discuss the recent outright block of retail side homebrew. We revisit the Picofly rumors showing a release and an upcoming piece of hardware teased by the name of McFly! Finally after this long, LONG episode I have a bit of an extended outro reflecting on the inception of ModChat, phases it went through, and the future.




0:00 – Intro
2:22 – PS3 4.90 Unofficial Flash Writer Released
6:22 – Evilnat PS3 4.90 CFW Released
7:14 – PS3 4.90 HFW and More Released
7:45 – Incorrect PS3 4.90 OFW Hosted
11:40 – PS3 Toolset Returns!
13:50 – PS3HEN 3.2.1 Released and Backported
15:46 – PS3 HFW 4.83 Released?!
17:36 – Free Community Funded Hosting Services
19:39 – Legend of Dragoon Java PC Port
21:56 – Mouse Support for PS1 Games in DuckStation
22:45 – OPL for PS2 Gets Internal HDD exFAT Support
27:28 – CTurt Retires
29:12 – mast1c0re Part 2 Write-Up
33:52 – Apollo Save Tool for PSP Released
35:52 – PineCone for Original Xbox
38:18 – Retail Homebrew Blocked on Xbox Platform
51:25 – Cross-Play on Rock Band 3
54:25 – VMU Emulation on DreamShell
55:59 – Wii U NAND Rebuilder
59:06 – DPLHook Released for Driver Parallel Lines
1:00:04 – McFly for Picofly
1:08:41 – Outro


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