The Powkiddy A12 and A13 devices are pretty cool, but the pre-installed OS has a bit to be desired. In this video, we’ll install Batocera to a microSD and demonstrate how to copy your games to it. We’ll also add a USB WiFi adapter and try out some of the games.

00:00 – Intro
01:17 – About the A12/A13
03:27 – Install Batocera to a microSD
04:36 – First Batocera Boot
05:52 – Copy BIOS & ROMs to Batocera
06:49 – Using a USB WiFi Adapter
08:39 – Linux FS for Windows (Paragon Software)
09:21 – DiskGenius Professional
10:24 – Gaming Examples on the Powkiddy A12/13
13:11 – Outro

This video is for Educational Purposes only!

Batocera PC Retro Gaming Guide (Overview of Batocera):

Products Shown
* Plugable USB 2.0 WiFi Adapter [Amazon]:
* Powkiddy A13 [Amazon]:
* Powkiddy A13 [AliExpress]:
* Powkiddy A12 [AliExpress]:
* Powkiddy A12 [AliExpress]:

Software Shown
* Batocera Download (select Powkiddy A12/13 download link):
* Paragon Software Linux File Systems for Windows:
* Disk Genius: (30% Off Disk Genius Pro code: DG30-YUTE-STPR )

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