Transformations, homebrew games, and more in this episode of ModChat! Starting out with possibly the smallest iteration we’ve seen of real NES hardware, the TinyTendo has been teased with more details and instructions coming soon! If the Famicom is more your preference, the Famicom Disk System gets an awesome new development with the FDSKey. The Switch gets some great developments for both emulation and real hardware. First being Yuzu’s release on Android, and as a reversal we now have Switchroot working on ALL models of the Switch. Super Mario World’s decompilation project gets some attention here, as does a new kernel driver for the PS Vita more geared towards the PSTV called “tvikey” to allow for native keyboard and mouse support. Finally we cover not one, but TWO Game Boy homebrew games. The first being an upcoming game from Mega Cat Studios called Kudzu, and the second being a game released by… McDonald’s of all companies?!




0:00 – Intro
1:09 – TinyTendo Portable Announced
6:07 – FDSKey Released
10:24 – Yuzu Released on Android
13:46 – Switchroot Now Working for All Models
15:09 – Super Mario World Decompilation Project
17:45 – tvikey for PS Vita Released
20:17 – Kudzu Game Boy Homebrew Announcement and Demo
23:04 – McDonald’s Released Game Boy Homebrew in 2023?!


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