The AtGames Legends Pinball 4K is the next generation of the popular Legends Pinball Virtual Pinball machine. In this episode, we’ll take a look at using OTG to connect a PC, set it up and try various pinball tables from Pinball FX, VPX and Future Pinball as well as the OTG latency for each. If you want to see additional OTG coverage, please leave a comment below explaining what more you would like to see. Legends 4K EVT information may be found at:

Series Episodes:
* AtGames Legends 4K EVT Hardware Tour (PART 1):
* AtGames Legends 4K EVT Software Tour (PART 2):

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – What is OTG?
02:22 – Challenges of OTG
04:51 – OTG Setup
08:55 – Play a Game?
09:09 – Q&A
09:53 – Game Play & Latency (FX)
14:40 – Game Play & Latency (VPX)
15:58 – Game Play & Latency (FP)
17:08 – Outro

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