This week in retro gaming, Analogue revealed yet another limited edition version of their Pocket handheld. These new ones consist of solid bright colours and while they do look pretty awesome, this is the third limited edition they’ve brought out in three months and they still haven’t made their base model versions readily available!

AYANEO had a very busy week, revealing their ‘Remake’ programme. This consists of an ongoing line of devices which are inspired by old pieces of technology. The most exciting things are probably the Flip DS which we’ve mentioned before, but there’s also the newly revealed Pocket DMG which is a Game Boy inspired device.

The RetroTINK 4K upscaler has finally been given a price tag after months of speculation. It’s going to cost $750 which is a bit steep, but you’re getting a whole lot of quality with this device. It’s expected to be available for purchase in December.

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