New updates have been hitting the Xbox Dev Mode emulation scene that have provided a better emulation experience for the Xbox Series X|S! This Dev Mode & Retroarch will take you through the process of getting the latest version of Retroarch installed and the benefits it provides. While this guide focuses on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One systems can follow along with the process by selecting the appropriate version of Retroarch to install.

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Xbox Dev Mode Signup Page:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Purpose
0:11 – Intro
0:35 – Needed Items
1:55 – Download Dev Mode Activation App
2:34 – Activating Dev Mode
6:18 – Switch Your Xbox Into Dev Mode
6:35 – Get Your Xbox Connected To The Internet
7:15 – Sign Into Your Xbox Live Profile
7:48 – Setup Remote Access Settings
8:33 – Properly Formatting A Xbox USB Drive App Method
10:46 – Properly Formatting A Xbox USB Drive Manual Method
12:33 – Set Your USB Drive To Media On The Xbox
13:03 – Accessing The Xbox Device Portal
13:54 – Installing Retroarch
16:01 – Change UWP Type From App To Game
16:38 – Configure Retroarch Directories
18:51 – Using The Online Updater
20:31 – Setting Menu Item Visibility
21:21 – Changing Scaling And Latency Options Part 1
21:52 – Controller Hotkeys
22:56 – Changing Latency Options Part 2
23:20 – Retro Achievements
23:38 – Netplay Username Setup
23:50 – Save Your Retroarch Config
24:06 – My Xbox Playlist Has Core Setup Information!
24:37 – Returning To Retail Mode
25:03 – Returning To Dev Mode
25:21 – Outro/Support

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