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Episode 254 – Retro gaming is still alive and new products are being made to enhance your retro experience in one way or another all the time. So let’s check out some of these products!

Here are links to the products I reviewed in this episode. These are NOT sponsored or affiliate links:

RetroPad32 Controller Adapter

Submodule GB01 GB, GBC, GBA ROM and Save file copier

EON GCHD Gamecube HDMI and Component adapter

EON Super 64 Nintendo 64 HDMI adaptor

Insurrection Industries Carby GameCube HDMI adapter
Insurrection Industries GameCube Component Cable (when available)

DC HDMI Installation

My Life in Gaming (I did not review them but here is a link to their channel anyway)

0:33 Retropad 32 Review
7:13 GB01 Cart Reader Review
9:32 DC HDMI Review
13:57 EON GCHD Mark II Review
17:14 Insurrection Industries CARBY Review
21:21 EON Super 64 Review

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