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I have lately been fascinated by mini PCs, to the point I have borrowed a intel nuc Vega to see how it does. But can I build a decent mini PC on a low budget using the power of something like the Ryzen 3 3200g? Or the Athlon 3000g? Will it survive a benchmarking test?

#IntelNUC #Ryzen3200G #AsrockDeskMini


– People have pointed out in comments that the NUC can be updated with the latest vanilla AMD drivers. I have yet to test this.

– Many people reported being able to fit a full stock Ryzen cooler by removing the plastic shroud. I will try that next time.

Games tried with their tweaks here:

Far Cry 5:
Red Dead Redemption 2:
Star Wars Jedi Fallen order:
wolfenstein 2, the new colossus:
Witcher 3:

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