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Maybe you got a cheap windows mixed reality headset. Maybe you finally got Half Life Alyx. Can you play in on a weak PC? A ryzen 3200g with only integrated graphics (vega 8)?

It might take some work and some resistance to motion sickness, but it can be done.

#HalfLifeAlex #Ryzen3200G #LowSpec

The config file:

IMPORTANT: Enable file extensions in Windows so you can properly rename it as a .cfg file. NOT a .cfg.txt FILE.

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Music credits:

CP Violation
Brane Scan

From the Half-Life 2 OST

Yhello – Lofive
Night Stalker – Wave Saver
His Old Lover – Leimoti
Empty Road – [ocean jams]
25 at Heart – Medite
Coast To Coast – Dylan Sitts

Music by Epidemic Sound: