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How to install older PS4 game updates to allow you to access removed content, patched glitches, LAN Play from retail PS4 to 5.05 PS4 on an older update.


Download Links:


PS3Proxy + OMSKrD PS4 ServePc V5.0 By Developer: Mugiwara

New Version of the hostname redirect tool called: PS4 Update Games Serveur By Developer: Mugiwara @84Ciss:!3TRCUCAa!n713yTDk04cpyuGu2BSLj8FsvF1fu1WQrQA8l_U3oVA
Redirect Updates to local server
Block Sony’s servers to stop system/game updates in US/EU regions for Jailbroken PS4’s
Redirect User Guide page to XProject exploit site for Jailbroken PS4’s

Old Update Links:
More Old Update Links: