Here is a user guide for the Android system on both models of the Retroid Pocket. The Retroid Pocket does not come with a manual, so I decided to put this together to answer a lot of the common questions that I get about it on Youtube and on Discord. This guide covers controls, storage, and configuring RetroArch, PPSSPP, and Mupen64.

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Dual System:
Single System:

ADB Zip:
Retroid APK: Retroid-Pocket Discord channel
Magic DOSBox Profiles:
Steam Link APK:
Mupen64 APK:
Mupen64 Controller CFG:

Controls – 1:00
Storage – 2:47
Sideloading Apps – 4:24
Google Play – 7:48
DOSBox – 8:38
Moonlight/Steam Link – 10:07
RetroArch Crash Course! – 10:44
Mupen64 – 15:25
PPSSPP – 16:58

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This video is for educational purposes only.


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