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Lets take a look at all the latest changes to Yuzu Emulator in the past few weeks.

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Roundup Start 0:00
ARB Assembly Shaders 2:30
Async Vsync 5:24
Macro HLE/JIT 7:18
Game Compatibility changes 8:01

PRs looked at in the video:

ARB Decompiler

Macro JIT

HLE Macros

Buffer Invalidate PR (Animal Crossing Black flashing fix)

Mipmap Overlaps (Part of Xenoblade fixes)

G24R8 Component Type (Required for XC Definitive Edition)

Front Face fix (Fixed Flipped GFX in Xenoblade games)

Separate Samplers PR (Bioshock Games/D3D Ports)

Async Vsync (Part of the Multicore PR)

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Bioshock 1/2 Saves (Needed to boot the games)


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