Early September is here and we’ve got a lot of news stories to go over for PS5, and that’s despite us still waiting for Sony to unveil the major info we’ve been waiting for! But right now, we’ve got a Ratchet & Clank update, GT7’s Art, Rumors for Final Fantasy XVI, Silent Hill, a DualSense development tool, SSD and 3D audio talk.. it’s just a handful of things. Listing them off here would sound redundant. So let me just sign you off with this – there’s a lot of PlayStation news going on in that video above. Check it out mang.

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0:00 – Intro & Let’s Talk Plus
0:24 – Win a PS5 From Doritos
1:24 – New Games Added to PS Now
1:46 – Ratchet & Clank 60fps Option
2:33 – Spider-Man Ranks High on Anticipated Games
3:59 – Polyphony Digital Solicits Ideas For Box Art
4:53 – Kena: Bridge of Spirits News Soon
5:29 – Dead By Daylight and Witcher 3 Free PS5 Upgrades
6:23 – DualSense Haptics Tool Used On Game Audio
8:23 – PS5 Lacks Optical Audio
10:00 – New PS5 Ad
10:25 – Developers Talk PS5 SSD and 3D Audio
13:02 – Black Ops Cold War PS5 Release Mixup
14:01 – WB Interactive No Longer For Sale
14:51 – FFXVI Twitter Account
15:40 – Silent Hill Reboot Rumor Update
17:47 – Media Molecule Co-Founder Takes a Break
19:01 – Let’s Talk Plus
19:24 – Housekeeping

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