As we get closer to release fro the PS5 and Xbox Series X more and more discussion is being made about the features of each system with the user interface now becoming a hot topic specifically around the resolution of each one. A rumored PS5 leak from a few weeks ago showed the amount of space available to gamers on the SSD and now it looks like it was real after the official user interface reveal by Sony shows a lot of similarities.

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00:00 – Start

00:57 – Raibow Six Siege Coming To Game Pass

2:16 – Mario Kart Live Replacement Gates Online

3:35 – XIII Delayed

4:47 – Next Gen UI Information

8:06 – PS5 Info Leak

11:03 – Next Gen Combatibility

12:55 – GameStop Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving

15:15 – Comment Of The Day

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