In this video, we will connect several retro game consoles and computers to a modern HDMI Monitor including: An Atari 2600, TI-99/4A, ColecoVision and TRS-80 CoCo Model 2. Connecting retro computers to a modern TV/Monitor may not be easy if you haven’t done it before, but hopefully after this video you’ll be a pro! I tried many devices for replacing the VCR until I found one that worked with these machines, including units from Best Buy, WalMart and others. I finally found one that was able to connect all of these machines to an AV output that would work with the AVtoHDMI upscaler and video capture card. Please see the links below.

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Items shown in this video
* Most items shown in this video may be found here (
* 4PCS F Type Male to RCA Female Connector:
* GANA 1080P Mini RCA Composite CVBS AV to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter (up scaler):
* Analog NTSC Tuner RF Demodulator with RCA A/V Output:
* HDML-Cloner Box Pro:
* TI-99/4A NTSC AV Converter video cable:!/TI-99-4a-NTSC-AV-Converter-video-Cable/p/143797145/category=36152016

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