The PS5 has a lot of hype behind it going into next month when it will finally release. Now it looks like Sony is partnering with Burger King to give away 1,000 PlayStation 5 systems along with several games. GameStop and Microsoft announced a partnership that would help with logistics around their point of sale, but new information seems to point to GameStop also benefiting heavily now from digital sales with Xbox.

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00:00 – Start

00:56 – Xbox Series S Fallout 4

2:37 – Modern Warfare File Size On PC

3:52 – xCloud On A Smart Fridge

4:59 – Burger King PS5 Promo

8:07 – GameStop And Microsoft Deal Information

11:12 – Apex Legends For Switch Rated

12:49 – Spider-Man Miles Morales Details

15:20 – Comment Of The Day

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