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I recently had an opportunity to take somebody’s RG350 and give it an internal makeover! Someone on the RG350 subreddit had asked for help in getting their device up and running again after several months of frustration. So I took the project onboard and also filmed the entire process so you could see all the tricks I used to get everything back into tip-top shape.

Here’s a list of the tools and guides I used to fix up the device:

00:00 introduction
01:06 teardown and diagnosis
04:17 re-flashing stock firmware
06:25 fixing the external SD card
09:08 installing new emulators
10:46 updating firmware to HDMI
13:15 testing everything
15:08 scraping box art
16:42 installing SimpleMenu
18:41 conclusion

Intro theme song sampled from “Hexadecimal Genome” by Bit Shifter:

#RG350 #RG350P #DIY