The Next Generation starts this week and more information is coming out just ahead of launch for the PS5 with some strange findings from reviews when it comes to storing your games as well as backwards compatibility. The Xbox Series S and Series X got a new patch for Watch Dogs Legion that enabled Ray Tracing on both systems. This surprised some gamers to see a 300 dollar console doing something like Ray Tracing in a new game.

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00:50 – Konami Removed PT PS5 Compatibility

2:12 – Square Enix Reports Marvel’s Avengers Earnings

3:39 – AEW Games In The Works

5:00 – Watch Dogs Ray Tracing Update

8:13 – PS5 Information

12:09 – Microsoft In Talks With Japanese Studios

14:27 – Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

16:31 – Comment Of The Day

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