It looks like the start of 2021 in the homebrew scene seems to be full of ports, ports, and more ports! TheFloW teases a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas port to the PlayStation Vita, and we see Grand Theft Auto 3 show up on another console: The Wii U! Sonic CD’s Android build got ported to Switch, and we even got a new map ported to the original Xbox’s version of Star Wars Battlefront 2. One of the biggest developments here is the release of Baryon Sweeper for the PSP, a Pandora’s Battery emulator which seems to unbrick PSP-3000 models for the first time ever! OPL finally reached the 1.0.0 milestone release. Oh, and a prototype game was not only finished but also released, because why not? Magic Castle for the PS1 through the Net Yaroze program is now unleashed upon the world!




0:00 – Intro
1:00 – OPL 1.0.0 Release
5:39 – Baryon Sweeper Unbricker for PSP
14:41 – GTA: SA Vita Port
16:20 – GTA 3 Wii U Port
20:07 – Sonic CD Switch Port
24:06 – PS4 Patch Installer
25:52 – Magic Castle Net Yaroze Prototype Released
28:42 – Star Wars Battlefront 2 XMAS in Jingle Town Ported to Xbox
29:41 – Outro


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