We go through the entire Guilty Gear Strive Beta roster and perform a flashy combo with every single character.

Guilty Gear Strive Beta released for the public February 18th, giving players the chance to try out the famed fighting game before its release on April 6th, 2021. Notable characters such as Ky, Sol, May, and more make a return in Guilty Gear Strive.

We perform a multitude of combos, one for each character in the initial Guilty Gear Beta Roster. Using Roman Cancels, Overdrives, and interesting combo strings we push the combo system as far as we can. Our personal favorite’s are Axl’s and Ky’s combo.

We have more on our site including the premiere of Ky Kikse’s Dragon Install and a showcase of all the overdrives in the Guilty Gear Strive Beta.

0:00 – Chipp Zanuff
0:16 – Axl Low
0:29 – May
0:42 – Potemkin
1:01 – Millia Rage
1:16 – Zato-1
1:28 – Ky Kikse
1:42 – Sol Badguy
1:58 – Faust
2:14 – Ramlethal Valentine
2:28 – Leo Whitefang
2:43 – Giovanna
2:57 – Nagoriyuki