Let’s look at the PowKiddy Q90, a budget handheld with the same specs as the PowKiddy V90. With a price that ranges from $30 to $40, is it worth picking up?

Buy one here (affiliate link): https://www.tomtop.com/p-f2008bl.html?aid=retrogamecorps&cr=
My PowKiddy V90 review: https://youtu.be/3BHkqP7BhSY
Custom firmware: https://github.com/TriForceX/MiyooCFW/wiki/Custom-Firmware-Setup

00:00 introduction
00:44 tech specs
02:00 unboxing and impressions
04:26 testing custom firmware
05:26 gameplay testing
11:53 comparison with V90
13:19 teardown
15:06 summary and conclusion

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