Ever wanted to play Valheim in first-person? Well, this mod from Nexus Mods user kailen37 lets you do just that.

Valheim is an incredibly popular survival sim set in the Viking era. While most players are continuing to come craft and build to ensure survival, others have focused on creative ways to push the bounds of the game by developing special mods that can alter the experience in some surprising ways. One such mod–posted on the NexusMods by user kailen37–changes the camera to a third-person view, similar to games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In this video, GameSpot video producer Dave Jewitt took some time to play with kailen37’s first-person mod in order to see how much the game changes. While the game itself was designed for the third-person perspective, the altered POV is surprisingly playable, and even adds a sense of immersion that benefits the game in a noticeable way. As Dave noted, it adds a greater sense of atmosphere to Valheim’s world, potentially making for a more immersive experience for those trying to survive in the dangerous land.

With the growing popularity of Valheim, the developers have stated they will continue supporting the game for the long haul. Perhaps in the game’s future we’ll see official support for first-person gameplay, but until then, check out this clever mod that adds a fresh perspective to the game.