Apex Legends had a transformative second year–four new characters, two new weapons, a third map, and more balancing adjustments than we can possibly list. But we can at least go over the big stuff.

In the video above, Jordan Ramée details Apex Legends’ highs, lows, and biggest changes during the battle royale game’s second year. That’s everything major that occurred during Season 4: Assimilation, Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, Season 6: Boosted, and Season 7: Ascension.

During that time, Apex Legends saw the addition of playable characters Revenant, Loba, Rampart, and Horizon, as well as the Sentinel sniper rifle and the Volt submachine gun. How players both fought one another and managed their loot also changed as new items like Evo Shields, Mobile Respawn Beacons, and Replicators were added throughout the year.

It’s a great time to jump back into Apex Legends as Season 8: Mayhem has begun. Season 8 kicks off Apex Legends’ third year with a bang, adding playable character Fuse, the 30-30 Repeater, and quite a few welcome map changes to Kings Canyon.