RetroArch gets a couple of awesome new developments in both the hardware and software departments! First being an upcoming open source cartridge dumper called the Open Hardware Project, and next up being a newly released core allowing for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games to play in widescreen. We also have big news for the PS2 scene seeing the MechaCon being dumped as well as OpenTuna being released, the latter being an open source alternative to Fortuna achieved through reverse engineering. iOS even gets some love this episode with a new unc0ver jailbreak working up to iOS 14.3, and we finish off with some ports! Those ports being the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and ccleste ports to Vita.




0:00 – Intro
0:53 – SA-1 Root SNES Optimization Patches
6:45 – RetroArch Open Hardware Project
12:21 – Genesis Plus GX Wide Core for RetroArch
15:45 – PS2 MechaCon Dumped
24:37 – OpenTuna for PS2 Released
27:42 – unc0ver iOS 14.3 Jailbreak
30:08 – GTA San Andreas Vita Port Released
32:03 – ccleste Vita Port Released
33:32 – Outro


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