Time to revisit and rebuild a RGH 1! I bought this console back in 2012 being told it would be a Jasper RGH 1, however I was sent this mess which has somehow still held up to the test of time. This console was previously butchered by GameStop with an 8.7v fan mod and the dreaded bolt mod or X-Clamp “fix” that involves replacing the X-Clamps with giant screws/bolts and washers. This is the only console I had on hand which still had this dreaded mod, so after consulting with @Josh Davidson of Octal’s Console Shop I worked with him to get some nice heatsinks, screws, and X-Clamps to restore this console. While I was in there I also took the opportunity to properly clean up the system and redo the RGH 1 work the previous installer did almost 10 years ago.

This video was possible thanks to Octal’s help as well as him being awesome enough to sell me the parts I installed to restore this console. You can find his shop here, which I highly recommend.


Octal’s YouTube Channel is also available here if you’d like to see more awesome Xbox 360 content!


This video is not meant to be used to follow along or used as a tutorial, this was all just a fun process I recorded and thought some of you might enjoy watching. If you’re looking for something more informational, here’s a catch-all video I recommend to newcomers.

So You Want to Buy a Xbox 360? – Revisions, Modifications, & Recommendations!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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0:00 – Intro
5:44 – RGH Redo
20:29 – RROD Repair & Rescue
44:44 – Troubleshooting
53:29 – Opening the DVD Drive
56:55 – Final Results


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