We’ll take a at the AtGames Legends BitPixel LED Marquee for the AtGames Legends Ultimate. We’ll unbox it, install it and check out various marquees from both the built-in games as well as some used by CoinOpsX. More details of the Legends BitPixel may be found here: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/alu/#Legends_BitPixel

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Unboxing
01:42 – Installation
05:32 – Software Setup
07:23 – BitPixel Demonstration
08:48 – Outro

* Main Legends Ultimate Guide: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/alu
* Main Legends Pinball Guide: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/alp
* CoinOpsX Guide: http://wagnerstechtalk.com/al-coinopsx

* AtGames BitPixel Page: https://www.atgames.us/collections/accessories/products/legends-bitpixel
* AtGames Legends Ultimate Page: https://www.atgames.net/arcades/legends-ultimate/
* Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus 256GB (Flash drive I’m using): https://amzn.to/3wB5PbG

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