Thanks to several new developments in the PS2 scene, curiosity, and some nostalgia the PS2 has been revisited quite a bit in recent years. One issue that people seem to consistently bring up, specifically earlier Fat/Phat model users, is the console seems to be a bit louder than we remember from 15-20 years ago? Several people have taken it upon themselves to make their own fan mods and replacements with Noctua fans, but we’re taking a look at an easy to install, no cut, affordable Noctua fan mod created by The Peaceful Outcome.

We also take a look at two other pretty cool products The Peaceful Outcome is selling for the PS2: a sled bracket for 3.5″ hard drives and a caddy for 2.5″ hard drives! Both of these are only for Fat/Phat models of the PS2 and are designed so a drive can safely and securely be installed within the expansion bay of a PS2.

Review Disclosure: This is not a sponsored video. No money was exchanged for the hardware shown in this video or promotion. The products reviewed in this video were provided for free by The Peaceful Outcome for purposes of review.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro & Disclaimers
1:35 – PS2 Fan Mods
3:07 – Checking Out the Goods
4:52 – Fan Mod Installation
6:21 – Fan Mod Compatibility
9:02 – Fan Sound Test Setup
12:09 – Fan Mod Sound Tests
16:15 – Fan Mod Thoughts & Recommendations
17:00 – Hard Drive Mods
18:10 – 3.5″ HDD Sled Bracket
20:33 – 2.5″ HDD Spacer
22:19 – Final Recommendations


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