The new Adam image update has a number of new features and bug fixes, and also now supports the Anbernic RG300X. In this video I’ll show you the new features and also how to upgrade your Adam image from a previous version. Supported devices include the Anbernic RG350, RG350P, RG350M, RG280M, RG280V, RG300X, PocketGo2 v1/v2, and the PlayGo v1/v2.

Full written guide:
Adam starter guide video:

Big shoutout to eduardofilo for his work in developing and updating this Adam image, and the teams behind OD Beta, RetroArch, and SimpleMenu who made it all possible.

00:00 introduction
01:06 getting set up to upgrade
03:48 upgrading to v1.2
07:17 restoring your backups
07:51 SimpleMenu 10.2 orientation
10:23 testing out RG300X support
11:25 my favorite new features
14:43 summary and conclusion

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