How to convert and run Skyrim & Fallout PC Mods on the PS4 version of the game.

PS4 Jailbreak Tutorials:

Part 2: Coming Soon.

(EP 6) How to dump PS4 Disc Games:

60FPS Patch: bLockFrameRate=60
Download Links:

SSE – Fallout 4 Conversion Tools:

NexusMods PS4:

NexusMods PC:
0:00 Intro
3:11 Extracting Game Files
5:39 Downloading Mods
7:05 Installing Simple Mods
10:25 Checking if a PC Mod needs Converting
12:11 Converting PC Files to PS4
15:10 Packing Assets into .BSA/.BA2
18:33 Installing Asset only Mods
19:55 Using LOOT on PS4 Version
25:37 Applying 60 FPS Patch
26:41 Building Modded Patch
28:13 Installing Patch on PS4
30:08 PC Mods Running on PS4
32:20 Outro
Outro: Paul Flint – Sock It To Them –
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