HexFlow Launcher from VitaHEX Games is a slick Cover Flow style launcher for the PS Vita, designed to be an alternative title launcher for the Vita’s LiveArea. This not only has the Cover Flow style that many users enjoy, but it also has the major benefit of bypassing the 100 Bubble limit on the PS Vita’s LiveArea. This video will walk through the process of installing, setting up, customizing, and even setting HexFlow Launcher to launch on coldboot with AutoBoot.

This tutorial assumes you have a Vita console set up with HENkaku or h-encore and have the basic understanding of how to transfer files as well as modify your config.txt file to load plugins through the taiHEN engine. Everything is shown in here, however for a full tutorial detailing this further check the links further down in this description!

#VitaModding #HENkaku #VitaHEX

This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Intro
1:31 – Prerequisites
2:10 – HexFlow Launcher Installation
5:00 – HexFlow Launcher Setup
8:10 – PS1 & PSP Cover Art
11:36 – Update Cover Art
13:40 – Custom Background Image & Music
16:00 – Launching Titles from HexFlow Launcher
17:00 – Optional: HexFlow Launcher with AutoBoot
20:25 – Optional: Remove AutoBoot
20:58 – Outro


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HexFlow Launcher:


Adrenaline Bubble Manager:



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