Mods are great fun and can be easily installed, swapped out, and used in Ryujinx and Yuzu.

This quick guide is on how to install mods to Ryujinx, a Nintendo Switch Emulator.

Great source for mods:

Step 1: Locate the Mod Directory

  • Right-click on the game for which you want to install mods and select “Open Mod Directory”.

Step 2: Understand the Cheat Files

  • Inside the mod directory, you will find a folder labeled ‘cheats’. Inside this folder are the cheat files, which look like addresses that alter other addresses.

Step 3: Understanding Mod Types

  • There are mainly two types of mods: EXEFS mods and ROMFS mods.
  • EXEFS mods have the ‘e-x-e-f-s’ folder inside the mod folder. Inside this folder, you will find a .pchtxt file.
  • ROMFS mods, on the other hand, contain a ‘rom fs’ folder, inside which are the game folders.

Step 4: Install Mods

  • Most mods come in a .rar file, which you can open using 7-Zip.
  • Once you’ve opened the mod file, you’ll find a folder inside it. Simply drag and drop this folder into the mod directory of the game.
  • If the mod isn’t set up to work immediately, adjust the folder structure as necessary. Some mods are designed only for Atmosphere but can be adjusted to work with Ryujinx or Yuzu.

Step 5: Enable Expand DRAM Size

  • There’s an additional setting you can enable called “Expand DRAM Size to 6GB”. This tends to help when using mods.

Step 6: Run the Game

  • With everything set up, simply run the game. During the game’s load-up period, you should see the mods loading.

And that’s it! That’s how you can use mods with the Ryujinx Nintendo Switch Emulator. This process is largely the same for Yuzu, although there might be slight differences.

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