The 3D-printed grips in this video can transform the ergonomics of your device, and they ship worldwide. Current models include options for the RG350, RG350P, RG350M, RG280V, RG351P, RG351M, RG351V, and RG351MP devices.

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I’m also giving away the following units:
RG280V (silver 80%)
RG351P (green)
RG350M/RG350P/RG351MP (orange transparent)
RG350M/RG350P/RG351MP (red transparent)
RG350 (green transparent)
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00:00 introduction
00:51 the Etsy store
01:32 unboxing and impressions
02:20 RG350
02:59 RG280V & RG351V
06:01 RG351P, RG351MP, & RG350M
08:32 comparison with Lupus Worax grips
09:26 RG350P & RG351M
09:51 summary & conclusion

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