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The story of Nintendo´s first console is a drama filled with interesting technological details. Did Nintendo tricked itself into technological success?

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0:00 Nintendo is saved
1:11 Who is Masayuki Uemura?
2:00 The fateful call of Yamauchi
3: 00 How do you build a cheap console?
5:51 The Ricoh Proposal
6:33 A Lesson on early cheap microprocessors
7:43 But why the 6502?
9:16 When Commodore investigate Nintendo
10:35 PPU shenanigans
11:20 The final Ricoh negotiations
12:08 Finding the right cartridge size
12:32 Design based on cost
13:03 How do you make an iconic controller… for cheap
14:33 The final console price
15:04 The Origin of the Name

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