When it first released last month, I was torn on the Miyoo Mini. It has a cute size, nice display resolution, and can fit in a playing card holster (a VERY important feature). But its software navigation and contrast/sharpness issues with its display left me unsatisfied. Today, we’re going to look at a new community-created OS solution called Onion, which improves the software experience, adds new systems and emulators, and incorporates recent fixes for the screen, too.

Full written guide: https://retrogamecorps.com/2022/01/27/miyoo-mini-onion-guide/
Buy a Miyoo Mini: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_vOH30f

00:00 introduction
00:53 update stock firmware
03:09 testing new stock firmware
04:31 install Onion OS
06:28 Onion OS orientation
08:41 add BIOS, ROMs, etc. to the card
12:42 gameplay testing (+ cat break)
19:58 Onion OS features
22:27 summar and conclusion

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Intro song sampled from “Kaze no Shiro” by transitfm and used with permission. Find more of their music here: https://www.youtube.com/NorthGameStudio

Outro song sampled from “Rosetta” by T-120:

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