Thanks to new updates to their emulators, you can get greatly improved Sega Saturn performance on RG351V, RG351MP, RGB10, Chi GameForce, ODROID Go Advance, ODROID Go Super, and RGB10 Max devices running ArkOS and RetroOZ. In this video I’ll show you how to install the new update and configure the emulator, and we’ll take a look at some gameplay, too.

Written guide (with links):
Here are the grips I used on the RG351MP:

00:00 introduction
01:59 RG351V setup and configuration (ArkOS)
05:51 RG351MP setup (ArkOS)
07:14 RGB10 Max 2 setup (RetroOZ)
08:37 gameplay demonstration
09:51 summary and conclusion

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Intro song sampled from “It Never Ends” by Our Ghost:

Outro song sampled from “Rosetta” by T-120:

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