Amazingly, the PowKiddy Q36 is one of those rare handheld devices that is just about perfect as soon as you pull it out of the box — no need for hardware mods, custom firmware, or learning a new complicated OS. Much of that has to do with the open-source FunKey firmware that it uses, which has some excellent quality of life features that make this micro handheld a wonderful grab-and-go option. So let’s run this $50 device through its paces and look at why I like it so much.

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00:00 introduction
01:04: tech specs, unboxings, and impressions
03:24 software orientation
08:21 comparison with similar devices
09:28 gameplay testing
13:45 adding games
15:22 comparison with the FunKey S
19:07 summary (likes and dislikes)
21:39 conclusion

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